Update 09

Let's talk about monetization. 

Check out the app store and you’ll find countless of free games bombarding players with ads. In extreme cases, its hard to even get through a single level because an Ad pops up each time you tap a button. WT%^%@!! Not gonna name names, but I'm pretty sure you know which apps I’m talking about.

I chose to make the game free, as you fellow game developers would understand, it feels great having a lot of people enjoy your game. Paid games just restricts the user base, as most people wont pay for a random indie game on the app store. So here's my take:

1. Lives. Player gets 10 lives, which replenishes over time. When the player runs out of lives, you can either watch a video Ad (Unity Ad) or just wait for the in-game timer to pass to replenish your lives. Theoretically, the player doesn't even have to watch a single ad to get to level 100. 

2. In App Purchases. So donations are great, but donations with rewards are even greater! My one and only in-app purchase grants the player 999 lives. Meaning, you can die 999 times before you're prompted to watch an ad or wait for the in-game timer. All of that, just for the cost of $0.99. 

So yeah! That's the entire monetization strategy. 



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