Update 04

Hi guys! 

Back with the daily updates. Been working on some "blocks" in the game. Check it out!

These blocks are harmless on touch but I believe it adds an extra dimension to the game. Obstacles! Imagine trying to dodge those bullets with obstacles in your way. Pretty simple, but that's how I want the game to be. 

Anyway, few things to note here other than the obstacles:

1. I fixed the flickering shadow issue.

2. When bullets interact with the obstacle, they get destroyed with some neat particle effects.

3. Obstacles and their shadows!! Purely a design implementation. I love how shadows make the game look a ton better!

4. If you notice, there's 1/10th of a joystick (sorry for the video editing but I was honestly trying to hide it, but yeah the ball of light is controlled by the joystick. I'll polish it up for the next post!)



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